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This is a great interface: 24-bit, 4in, 4out Mac or PC,with 3 USB ports

that enables you to connect controlers, & hard drives.

Analog style VU meters, gain controls, Mic and line guitar switches.

48V phantom power and the list goes on, all in a smal desktop box, that looks and feels solid

Comes with some software.

I've got one of these and I highly recomend it



This is an entry level device, designed for those of us that need a simple one guitar and one vocal input. This little fellow might look small but sure sounds big.

Mac & PC, 48V phantom power job done.

You can see it in action in the video to the right

PLUS:*** Anyone who purchases and registers a Focusrite Saffire or Scarlett interface between 15.10.2014 - 15.01.2015 will automatically be entered into a MONTHLY Draw to win 1 of 3 ISA 430 MK II Channel Strips 


FOCUSRITE Skarlrt 2i4

Sinse we spoke about the Skarlet solo, will make sence to say a couple of things about the 2i4, slightlly more expensive but offering a lot more connectivity than the Solo.

As the name sudgests there are 2 ins and 4 outs+USB connector and midi in and out.

That makes it more suitable for the musician that wants to plugg in more than a guitar and a mic.

To my liking the software that comes with it alone is worth the asking price: Scarlet Pluging Suite(try that compressor with your bass guitar) Ableton live light, Novation Bass station.

Apart from that, what did the Romans done for us?



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