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The Studio

 Recording Studios Wandsworth.

Control Room

RPP recordings
Soundcraft 2400

Live Room

Tannoy Lockwood speakers

Control Room, Other side

Hugh Murphy

The Soundcraft 2400, analog desk was a gift, given to me by producer Hugh Murphy. Hugh was the producer of Baker Street. Most of Jerry Rafferty's music was recorded on this desk. Other artists produced and recorded by Hugh using the same desk were Van Morrison, Mark Almond, The Proclaimers, Linda Tompson and others. Unfortunately Hugh died in the late 90's at age 53.






Tannoy Lockwood

The Tannoy Lockwood are some of the best monitors around, with 15 inch dual concentric speakers and massive cabinets, they produce a very flat response, so you know excactly where you stand with your recordings. The size of the speakers anables definition and bass accurasy, in other words you can hear any rumbles that smaller speakers can not reproduce.

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